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Go Karts For Kids.İe Coupon Code.Slowly, methodically, Wesley and Wanda Keener tear lots of roses and large groups of plants of the funeral home in his van.His eyes bloodshot, dark under a pair of vases carries in her small living room.Across the room, they pass an open door to the left. Within the stuffed animals they are in a litter accumulates. This is the bedroom of his three sons who used to share.Now there is just one.Five days earlier, on 18 February, the couple had been watching the boys take turns riding a kart, laughing and running around in the yard and over again.Then came the decision to end the tragedy: the bereaved four years allowed Calvin to climb behind the wheel.After seeing his brother at 10 and 11 years in the car, Calvin wanted to learn. Mourning decided it was good. After all, a mapping restrictions fills the head and seat belts and safety bars to the top.He had barely reached the pedals, after 11 years Nicolas operate the accelerator pedal from the passenger seat.For the yard, they would.Calvin and Nicholas surrounding pine trees and house, when Calvin was driving down the hill towards the road. This is when the mourners saw Oldsmobile heading your way.Both parents say they ran after the boys shouting, ‘Stop! Stop! But pram rolled onto a two-lane country road. Oldsmobile driver never seen.The impact threw the map 100 feet.Calvin died on the spot; Nicholas died on way to hospital.The death shocked the community and traumatized the two families, but doctors and experts say they know very well the impact on young people to drive the vehicle out of the way before they can get up the bike properly.’Children under 16 do not have the judgment and maturity to deal with engines larger vehicles, ‘says Dr. Michael Carr, medical director of the trauma center at Children’s Hospital in Erlanger.Between 24 and 28 children will be children’s hospital buggy ATV injuries or accidents each year, the data show hospitals.

National average 10,500 injuries in an accident chart records each year from 1985 to 1996, according to research conducted by the most complete to the Commission on Consumer Product Safety. About two-thirds of injuries – including bruises, fractures, internal injuries or burns – were under 15 years.A total of 231 deaths pedal car was announced in the same period; 155 of them were children.common accident driving home, crashing into a parked car, or a tree, or overturning of the vehicle and expelled or crushed, Carr said.But off-road drivers and manufacturers say that these children are the exception, that the machines are safe. More and more people leisure center and small engine ATVs are, they say. Some of the seats are adjustable maps, and newer models have roll cages.’Go-karts are safer today as they have ever been, said Reggie Lybrand, the owner of a world karting Newnan, Ga., One of the few manufacturers in the US chart.

Riding kart and ATV on private property and in difficult terrain is a common activity, particularly in rural areas.

Acres of open fields makes it easier to install close to home and not have to go to one of the karting tracks across the state, says some locals. And they say it is common for children to start rolling in June.Lawless Tennessee or Georgia regulating children can drive the ATV on private property.This trade Lybrand map, south of Atlanta, which receives requests from the automotive small motor as young as 3. recommends karts that go only 8 H and is equipped with modern safety equipment such as their children’s safety and roll cages.From the beginning, go-karts – which was invented in the 1950s – was a problem, said Lybrand. The engines were exposed, and kids can get their hair caught in moving parts, he said, and easily destroyed, because the brakes were difficult to use. Over the years, these problems have been fixed, he said.But he refuses to sell vehicles, says he has completed his eight years ago, when he began to learn of injuries and deaths involving critically ill children.’I could not sleep at night, he said.Nevertheless, it should insist that a well-functioning, ATVs are safe.

‘By the way, the first is safety, says Steven Melton, who is Tracy City, Tenn., Mountain bike racer and chairman of driving vehicles.But there are more deaths and accidents ATV and karting, according to the figures. In 2009, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reported 649 accidents related to ATV deaths. Fourteen percent of the deaths were children under 16 years.Tennessee, 18- 19 years old and younger died in ATV accidents in 2006 and 2011, figures from the Tennessee Highway Patrol show. Join related to non-Kart deaths reported at the time.But during the past seven months, at least four people died in accidents associated with a go-kart from Maine to California, monitors the media. One of the victims was 59 years old, but others were children – 11-year-old boy of 9 years old and a six year old. The girl, a resident of Mississippi, died on New Year’s Day in Athens, Ala., When he drove a kart for the curve of the road and hit a parked car, Huntsville Times.Safety advocates and doctors say that these figures can not be accepted and that the parents are partly to blame.

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