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A basic dental abscess (also known as periapical abscesses) occurs inside the tooth. It occurs when the nerve of the tooth is dead or dying. This kind of swelling of the tip of the tooth root. Then spread to the surrounding bone. A light bulb is caused because there is a void. A cavity is a hole in the protective layer of the tooth enamel. If you are part of the skin exposed on a dirt, it may be inflamed or infected. If the outer layer is the fall, broken or damaged (which is known as the decay is known), and enter the food, saliva and other substances from the mouth of teeth, where it should be. The body sends a signal through the nervous system (toothache) to let you know that something is wrong and you need to change your habits to focus immediately infected teeth in two directions. One of these is to limit the use of topical treatments and to help in the treatment of dental inflammation. The other way to use the tips for diet is to change the internal chemistry of the kind that allow the teeth, the capacity must be increased and heal naturally. Then you can remain on the teeth to fight, and to treat the infection.We eliminate the lifestyle unbalanced the body to heal tooth abscess to help and support the healing of abscesses with a topical treatment.Although it is possible to treat and even cure dental abscess of house conditions, in a relatively short time, I have an idea that should be taken lightly something. dental infections have shown due under or other diseases. dental infections can also aggravate existing health problems. Up to 28 diseases of the teeth or condition can be caused, including eye diseases, arthritis and inflammation of the stomach, colon, appendix, gall bladder and kidneys. (Source: Hal Huggins, without informed consent)If it is a tooth abscess and heal naturally, very good. However, you want to make sure that it is something completely healed.The modern dentistry has a theory, which is not correct. Dentists say that the bacteria that cause tooth decay and infections. Abscess through the body which causes the harmful bacteria that try to leave.I have good news and bad news for you in bacteria and tooth abscess. The bacteria do not cause dental abscess (good news). It caused the dental abscess (bad news). But the bad news is good news. Because if you make a dental abscess, then you can (carefully) uncause dental abscess. If bacteria are causing the bladder, you can not do much to heal is a choice against life we call antibiotics. (Biotic should be and the importance of the fight).

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Regardless of the term used, it is odor, which seems to come from the oral cavity. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, more than 90% of cases, the smell of the mouth, throat and tonsils. Although this is something that everybody knows one time or another, if it does not improve the mouth after brushing, dental rinse and floss with mouthwash without alcohol, it can be chronic.The absence of the mouth of the odor is usually played by a group of anaerobic bacteria causes production of sulfur often in the tongue and tonsils. The term “anaerobic” means literally a life without oxygen and live without oxygen, in fact, these bacteria. They are by nature in the oral environment and are important because they decompose in the digestion of proteins to amino acids. found in food proteins, mucus or phlegm, blood and tissue of the patient orally often.Since these bacteria are introduced into the mouth of the protein, the sulfur compounds of the tongue and groove are released. Bacteria secrete waste known as hydrogen sulfide, methyl mercaptan and other compounds of odorous and bad tasting volatile sulfur compounds like. Although anaerobic bacteria feed protein and was worse secrete volatile sulfur compounds of uncontrolled breathing.He was inconsolable fear … … a complete disaster.And I’m so angry against me to give things with the woman he loved was because the wind shakes a sewer rat.It would have been crazy not to treat the cause of my bad breath, and only addresses the symptoms.That night, I sit on the couch, alone, tears … and I promised I always fixed the problem.”How can I solve my bad breath problem?”Well, I will not bore you with all the details, but a long story cut short, I noticed that on the basis of what the general medical staff preach bad breath.I went on the Internet, we investigate almost all sites of halitosis, I bought every book I could find, and to study the issue in depth.We went to the National Library of Medicine and devoured all the books that had halitosis, revealed many obscure facts about the causes of bad breath and the best available resources.I really like that I always felt somewhere.In fact, he was so determined to find a solution that we began several solutions for me to try – often painful consequences – presented the analysis of the results, as he did.

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I have researched and tested these products extensively over the past 12 months and have discovered some very scary statistics …First, a large number of home teeth whitening kits that I bought contained dangerous levels of the two main chemicals: hydrogen peroxide and carbamide hydrogen.According to the laws of the FDA and the EU, tooth whitening kits at home containing not more than 0.01 of hydrogen peroxide to be sure.However, my tests showed consistently much higher levels.

And according to consumer studies conducted both in the US and the United Kingdom, it has been found that some kits purchased online to have as much as 10 hydrogen peroxide.That’s 100 times the legal limit !!

In addition, many of these kits to be considered by the EU or approved by the FDA, when they were anything but …

In short, they were illegal, but was still able to buy online – and what you can.And dangerously high levels of hydrogen peroxide, found that some of these kits include chlorine dioxide and sodium perborate as well.These are extremely toxic chemicals that are often found in industrial detergents can cause irreversible damage to the enamel of the teeth and premature tooth decay.And that’s not all…

Because mouthguards provided by home kits are not suitable, it is common that some of the whitening gel to leak into the gums and mouth of the person, causing burns, blisters and sensitivity – far worse than any experienced in a dental clinic.According to a report by the European Commission on teeth whitening products, it is estimated that hydrogen peroxide up to 25 applies actually ingested – and that’s not good for your health!

However, this is not something new. The dangers of teeth whitening kits have been in the news for years.Ok really not a side effect, but it is a definite problem! The fact is that, despite what they have probably said, tooth whitening techniques will not work for everyone.This is because the color (as mentioned above) teeth is also caused by antibiotics such as tetracycline, which in turn discolor tooth enamel.

cosmetic dental practices claim – often unrealistic – Laser whitening can remove such spots, but the reality is that there is only a probability of 10 -20 whitening techniques that work in these cases.Hundreds, even thousands of people worldwide have been reported in those who pay up to $ 3,000 for teeth whitening treatments, only to see visible results ABSOLUTE RED: Red wine is known to stain teeth. The acids present in wine eat tooth enamel, creating rough spots that make the teeth more vulnerable to staining. And also it contains chromogenic tannins, which help the lever of color to the teeth.
Tea / coffee: Like wine, tea and coffee are rich in tannins and acidity promoters stain. Drinking these dark pigments are embedded in the microscopic pits and ridges of tooth enamel, causing yellowish spots on adult teeth.
SOFT DRINKS: acids and rich in sodium chromogenic can also cause significant spots. Recent research has found that highly acidic drinks – such as sports or energy drinks – can erode tooth enamel, setting the stage for staining. In fact, the acidity in some carbonated beverages is so intense that it really is compared to the acidity in battery acid!
cigarettes: The ingredients include ammonia, hydrogen cyanide and carbon monoxide and other toxic chemicals such as nicotine and tar. When a lit cigarette, these substances start recording, changing its chemical properties. When inhaled, the smoke passes through the mouth, leaving a sticky residue on the teeth, and instant staining.

Candy: Hard candy, chewing gum, ice cream and other sweets often contain coloring agents teeth staining. If your tongue turns a fun color, there is a good chance that your teeth will be affected, too.
Antibiotics also stain teeth is caused by antibiotics such as tetracycline, which discolors own tooth enamel. So if you’ve been heavy on antibiotics in recent years, there is a good chance that has contributed to any discoloration.Achieve bright white smile, pearly you’ve always wanted (and does so from your home in just a few weeks now !)Increase their confidence and self-esteem in a few days, and is proud of her smile for the first time in yearsEnjoy going out again, and see your friends, family and colleagues, because you’ll be desperate to show their new whiter teeth, as many people as possible!

Get the right kind of attention from the opposite sex (now to be looking at the teeth for all the right reasons!)They stop being ashamed of his smile (once you have whiter, brighter teeth, was smiling from ear to ear and you will not be able to stop!)

Get gorgeous white teeth for just pennies a day (most of these all-natural ingredients that are already in your kitchen or at any grocery store)Remove unsightly stains safely and naturally, without jeopardizing your health with washing Hazardous Chemicalsdramatically improve your personal relationships and work (you will be surprised how people respond to a person with elegant white teeth, as opposed to someone with bad teeth discolored)

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Are you sick and tired of the pain, discomfort and embarrassment of tonsil stones?Someday yellow ball foul odor problems (or have) a spear, and you want to know how to kill them all?Ask your tonsil stones led to one of the following: sore throat, difficulty swallowing, bad breath, coughing, earache or a metallic taste in the mouth at all?If your tonsil stones that lead to bad breath, do not worry that it may affect your work or personal relationships?Have you thought about your tonsil stones surgically removed, but was moved to the high cost and the potential risks?just a quick, cost-effective and 100% way not to delete your tonsil stones naturally durable?If you answered any of these questions “Yes, you are in the right place …”Because the value of a safe, natural can show and tonsil I remove – and make sure that they never come back”At the end, you can …Let your tonsil NATURAL 100% free (with best practices, you do not need expensive drugs or potentially dangerous operation)Say goodbye to sore throat, difficulty swallowing, coughing, pain in the ears and a menacing dragon breath – forever!Increase your confidence and self-esteem and enjoy socializing again, without having to worry about breathing, or likely to spit the tonsil with lunch!STOP go with mints or cough compared with you wherever you (bad breath and a sore throat is a thing of the past) are,immediately improve their personal and professional relationships (surprising difference in how people relate to you if you have not bad breath!)And say goodbye to pain, discomfort, inconvenience and discomfort of tonsil stones forever!Believe me, I know the pain, discomfort and embarrassment suffered Tonsil stones, also known as Tonsilloliths. Reviews

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Favorably change the way you see your oral health and what affects.Increase their knowledge and understandng of your teeth and gums, all oral environment and yes, your smile!Know the real cause of tooth decay, the decay of bone and gum tissue and restore the right biological balance.Please monitor this contagious disease, however, it is easy to prevent endemic in our population,It allows you to take steps to restore teeth and gums to optimal health, while actually being proactive in preventing caries and more damage and avoid any problems potentially related such as …… Heart disease, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, Alzheimer’s disease, pancreatic cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, colon cancer and so many more systemic diseases, scientists are discovering on a regular basis!
Potentially save tens of thousands of dollars over a lifetime, avoiding work your dentist and specialist (s) … you may no longer need your services!Thousands of people like you do not know what to do with the pain and discomfort of tooth decay and gum unnecessary … now they know and apply this simple science of oral health products and enjoy being in control of the process disease – putting behind them the concern about the possible loss and some of the people once healthy teeth.Many can not understand how oral health can affect life expectancy. So the first step would be to recognize the mouth as an important entry into the human body. It is the upper digestive system and has a structure that prepares food for the first phase of digestion.

The mouth contains the tongue, teeth, hard and soft palate, and gums, salivary glands and the mucosa.The body has several systems of interconnected bodies. This means that if there is a problem with a part of the body can affect other parts. Any mouth disease may be associated with some other organs elsewhere in the body.A person with gum infection may suffer from body aches and loss of appetite. A person with a toothache can
They also suffer from headache and earache.Several diseases that affect the overall health of the body have been linked to the health of parts of the mouth.Welcome to oramedia site for Dental Self Sufficiency.
Since you are visiting, it means to us that you are probably a little frustrated with their association with ordinary dentistry.That’s easy for us to understand because we are convinced that the dental profession as a whole, has sadly neglected its duty to stop dental disease. They practice a lot of ‘drill, fill and Bill’, but little or no attention to the stop is always the cause of the disease.Oramedia offers a new approach for acheiving a mouth disease without … where the teeth and gums stay healthy for life. The approach begins with the knowledge of a book published in 1819. The author and dentist named Dr. Levy Parmley gives a detailed explanation: ‘The cause and cure of tooth decay and gum.Imagine … Nearly 200 years ago, a dentist concentrated language, mince telling the truth.In the mid-1970s another dentist speak clearly reflected in the scientific results Parmley and later published a book entitled further, ‘The snack money. ‘Its author, Dr. Robert O. Nara, states,’No one should enter the door of any dental office without
reading this book and equipped with methods
defend themselves, their teeth and gums in profitability
driven dentist reasons today. ‘We assume that you are hungry for timely reflection useful for solving their problems without pain and expense. Dr. Parmley and Dr. Nara have prepared the information in a way that is easy to understand and easy to put into use .