An Honest Review Of Long Tail Pro

If you’re new to this online business, then you may be unaware of the types of keyword phrases that consumers usually search. There are three of them, which are short tail, medium tail and the long tail. The examples of these three are:

  • Short: Blogs
  • Medium: Business Blogs
  • Long: Best Business Blogs

Keywords refer to the crucial part of the SEO. Their vitality can be understood by the way Google and other wide searches continue to introduce the changes and tweaks in the algorithms that they use. The internet marketers put a whole lot of focus and concern on the keyword collection.

Product Name: Long Tail Pro: Keyword Research Software-keyblast
Publisher Web Site:
Trial period:60 Days

Long Tail keywords are actually the group of phrases that people use, when they’re searching for the particular information on the online browsers.  The long tail keyword is really focused on the target audience and advertisers often have to pay to buy the long keywords. When you create the useful content that includes different long tail keywords, you ensure that you are going to draw a lot of search engine traffic to your blog or website.

review longtailpro

Hence, if you are the owner of an active blog or have an authority website, it is much better to have a comprehensive list of long tail keywords around. The longer the tail, the easier it is for a website to rank in Google or other search engines for that specific keyword. You should probably know that if you rank high for multiple search phrases in the industry, you’re going to see the more qualified leads coming to your website. In this matter, Long Tail Pro is actually one of the most favored keyword research tools available, which is the most recommended one for producing the satisfactory results for its customers.

This review of Long Tail Pro will reveal all the important details behind this brilliant software and will explain that why it has become really famous in the SEO world in spite of being new.

Long Tail Pro WHAT IS IT?

Long Tail Pro is basically the ‘Adobe Air desktop application’, which uses the Google Keyword Tool to pull through all the keyword data about some particular set of keywords that the user wants to analyze.

This keyword research tool was developed by Spencer Haws and his experienced team to find the solutions of people, who are seeking the long tail keywords with low competition in the market.

Long Tail Pro

If you have an urge to generate money online, then your first priority should of keyword research with the niche sites and other online businesses. With Long Tail Pro, you can cut down the amount of effort and time that is required to find these ‘diamonds in the rough’ as it does this work for you. LTP lets you efficiently and effectively create the related keyword lists that are based on the single or sometimes multiple seed keywords.

After that, you can easily analyze each keyword with this provided data by its search volume and the keyword competition metric of LTP. By using the seed keywords, up to 10,000, you become capable of building out the extremely relevant list of all the required keywords that are displayed along with their monthly search volume and the LTP’s keyword competition metric. The average Adwords CPC and the advertiser competition is also mentioned. The LTP’s keyword competition metric is actually the level of difficulty a keyword has and this facility is only available for platinum users.


  1. After downloading the software, you’ll get to know that it comes with a pdf format of user manual and an installer. You have to read the manual thoroughly to get clear and easy to understand directions about the installation.
  2. It is essential to know that there are a few high level features in the Platinum, which are not available in the Standard version of the software. All the details of included features are provided and explained in the end of the user manual.
  3. You are required to have the latest version of Adobe Air in your desktop, so that this software can work properly.
  4. Also you must have the Google Adwords account and if you don’t have it, then you’re required to have an email anyway.
  5. Be very careful in inputting the correct currency and country in your Adwords account, so that the relevant date can get generated when required.

This amazing software takes the Google Keyword Tool Data and then presents it in a slick and easy to use software. The best thing is that LTP has eventually removed the need to assess the competition manually and this is done so by calculating the competition of keywords in the search engines. This feature is so helpful and efficient that it alone has saved the numerous hours trawling the Google results, while thoroughly looking the competing websites.

long tail pro review


It can be used by both the experts in business and the new comers, who are willing and motivated to make some good money online. However, some of the basic mentions can be:

  • People struggling with the keyword research and needs
  • People having limited time; the software boosts them ahead to where they can already start getting income
  • Both newbie and pros
  • Market Samurai affectionados, who need quicker tools and the modern interface


It offers various advantages, but some of the main pros are:

  • Speed:
  • Nowadays, our lives are just zooming around from one place to another and it always seem like we’re going at 100 miles per hour. Software is just the same.
  • When we pay for the software, we always tend to take the optimal speed for granted.
  • There are many SEO and Keyword Research tools that are tediously slow even when they are performing the simplest of tasks. However, LTP is really slick.
  • Customer Support:
  • You are always welcome to contact the support team of LTP for even small bugs and questions you find in the software. If the problem is getting serious, then they can also add you on Skype and help you fix the system bug.
  • Simplicity:
  • The key reason to choose this keyword research tools is that it is really easy to use. But do not let this simplicity fool you, because there are a lot of calculations and mathematical formulas running behind the scenes and they can bring you the data you require in an act of seconds just away at a click.

Other advantages can be:

  1. Long Tail Pro is probably the easiest way to get
  • Targeted traffic
  • Scalable growth
  • Repeatable success
  • Great leads
  1. The wizards of LTP can help you
  • Identify the prospects
  • Research competitors
  • Create the focused campaigns
  • Concentrate on the profitable niches
  • Examine niche feasibility
  1. It refers to a part of software you require to
  • Leave no stone unturned
  • Make your workflow simpler
  • Make confident decisions
  1. This software easily locates the tail keywords and domains in a very short period of time

Contrary to other keyword tools that probably search for just one seed keyword at a time,LTP can provide you with more than 5 seed keywords simultaneously and it can create various keywords.

Along with that, LTP uses the filters to give the exact results that are based on your specified requirements. These settings can be saved and reused as well. This is a really rare feature that not many keyword tools offer.

People who create the small niche website can exactly look for the match domains. When the software has generated the right keywords, it then indicates the prominent green symbol specified for domains, which are available. The domains are specified in red which are not accessible.

  1. It analyzes the competitors in Google

It is really important to catch up with the top 10 websites listed on Google. In case if the websites are weak, then it is really easy to rank, but if the sites are quite strong, then it is always best to use that keyword because there are many long tail keywords that are both better and simpler to use.  LTP lets you evaluate different factors like checking up to see whether the specified keywords are in the title, the page ranking, the volume of links and the domain age to compete with the top 10 rankers. Thus, it can be really helpful to get the brilliant results.

  1. It offers the ‘Fetch Additional Data’ feature

With this excellent tool, you can use the “Fetch Additional Data” feature to improve the keyword generation. This is the feature that gathers all the important information about the availability of domain and also includes EMD with the hyphenated domains for important tip level domains.

Along with that, you can also update the content rather than just emphasizing on the generating long tail keywords. You can also conduct the competitor analysis and rank checking with the same interface.

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