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I’ve delved into the nooks and crannies and found out if, and how, all of it works. So, with that in mind, here are the questions I’ll answer:

  • What is Killer Content?
  • What do I think of Killer Content?
  • Is it a worthwhile product?
  • Does it offer value for money?
  • What about the other add-ons?
  • What’s my overall opinion?
  • Will I buy it?
  • Will I Continue to use it?

What Is Killer Content. 

Killer Content is a quality content site created by Socrates Socratous. It has a massive database of articles which covers many different topics and categories and, with what I have seen so far, it appears that there are one or more articles on practically every niche that you can think of.

What it isn’t is a get rich quick scheme. This is a site that allows you to locate articles and perform a number of different functions on them: from rewriting, spinning them, creating blog posts, creating new articles, creating ebooks and much more.

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It’s what you do with these articles is what this site is about.

I think it’s fair to say that if you have a website of whatever nature, have an interest or involvement in Internet Marketing, or just use the Internet regularly you can’t have missed the news earlier of the way Google have changed the way they look at sites.

This has meant sites have had to change the way they operate: Google wants, good, unique, quality content. if your wesbite doesn’t have this, you’re not going to rank high.

This is one of the main things what Killer Content is about – ranking.

The other main thing it’s about is creating quality content and using that to in your marketing – list building. Creating ‘stuff’ to give away in return for an email address.

Okay, it can be used for much more but IMO these are the main things. To reiterate, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, it’s far better and worthwhile than that.

Is it a worthwhile product?

I think I’ve answered that but, yes, I love it!

As I mentioned in one of the video’s, I’ve been a Techie Writer in the past (and an author, blogger and more) and, when thinking of stuff to write, trying to get an angle of approach, a specific point-of-view – whatever it is I’m writing about – sometimes it can be difficult. It’s happened where sometimes you just have to walk away from the blank page and when you have an idea, come back to it.

I believe Killer Content probably means you’re never going to have to do that again. It has all this information and it has it all in the one place. For myself, I know that I’ll never struggle for ideas again. Need a point-of-view? Here are some articles, have a skim read and away you go. There’s no need to play guesswork anymore. This site collates other people’s take on things and it provides this wealth of information, ideas, sparks and inspiration a mouse-click away.

Does it offer value for money?

It certainly offers value for money for me. One of the problems I have with the sell of this product is how you get promised everything ‘if you just buy this…’ then, when you’ve bought it, there’s an add-on, then another one…! I know this is the way it is – it’s the upsell – it’s just bl**** annoying.

If you came in and bought just the basic package so you didn’t get the add-ons then it’s obviously going to have limited value but, for the higher end packages, the Gold and the Platinum, there’s some reallygood stuff there.

Not least of which is the Gold access rights to the PLR site This has to be worth it’s weight in (excuse the pun) Gold. Regular, unique, content of value. Great stiff.

What about the other add-ons?

The other add-ons are The Best Spinner, Copyscape and, as mentioned above, Gold level access to

Copyscape is an absolute must for anyone rewriting content or spinning. I’ll just say that again, it’s a must. You can’t use other people’s work.

Even if you write your own stuff, it’s still worth having – just in case. I remember reading the author Bernard Cornwell’s site, and he asked for people not to waste time sending him draft copies of their book to read as he just plain won’t read any of them. This isn’t being rude it’s just he doesn’t want anything to stick in his mind and then, at a later date, get sued because he wrote using something he’d picked up from someone else.

killer content academy

What’s my overall opinion?

I love this product, it’s great. Of course it has its limitations but then it would have; all sites and products do. The one that does bug me is that there aren’t any dates on the articles in the categories/niches but that doesn’t bother me: if I’m going to use something I read it anyway.

Will I buy it? I already have!

Will I Continue to use it? Definitely.

If you produce written work for any reason or means, then you must try this program.

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The Amazon web site traffic, and this will help you get free traffic bonus quickly and easily.The form of transport for WordPress site, you can develop your WordPress website with content and social marketing.The technical strategies and traffic generating further bonus dependent on Google. Google big traffic, but Google wants to change its mind on a regular basis to reward and settings on each page punish. So, if you want to build a site that gets tons of valuable traffic, leads and sales, it is important to diversify traffic.That’s what is all about the bonus. . . attract quality traffic from various sources without having to pay for advertising.You need to develop the traffic WordPress currently hundreds or even thousands of visitors per day, with surprising speed, and in almost all markets. More importantly, the results can then monitor over the coming years, rather than short-term results you get when you pay for advertising.As a special bonus, you will learn:How to Research and keywords to help your website to attract a lot of traffic organization.How to determine what (and when) is like the WordPress site.The options, which allows you to write a lot of content quickly and easily.How ‘duplicate content so that it reaches the people as soon as possible.A detailed presentation of WordPress websites to rank better acceleration.Bonus 2: Azon Theme Amazon affiliate storeThis is the full bonus because you have a WordPress Theme and bottom AzonTheme site was created and optimized to promote Amazon affiliate program.It is one of the best themes of the Amazon, because it is simple and designed for high conversion. Most top super affiliates earn big commissions Amazon in field configurations, the powerful web site. . Shooter product sites, a series of things (such as lawnmowers) and the site Flipper (build, market and sell).

Escritura Ilimitada – Descuento Pdf

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   ..Este sitio es otra plataforma que conecta a las empresas que necesitan más autores de contenido pueden crear e imprimir contenido.La inscripción es gratuita. Una vez que la información está en Textbroker llanura publicado en Internet se puede considerar. Supongamos clasificación asignada.Hay tres tipos de órdenes: en general (todos los autores de cada categoría), Grupo (algunos autores ya saben los clientes y piden al texto de grupo) y a la orden (el cliente elige y Pacta precio autor autor).El procesamiento de pagos dos veces al mes y al menos 20 €. Pueden ser hechos a través de Paypal, Moneybookers o cuenta bancaria en Europa.Bajo el título ‘El talento que tenemos que trabajar’ TextMaster es una plataforma en línea que permite a los clientes ordenar los servicios, escritura, edición y traducción de textos sobre la petición.Si hace clic en ‘ser un escritor tiene que elegir entre dos opciones: habilidades del lenguaje’ o ‘experiencia de trabajo. Sin embargo, la segunda opción es seleccionada, se le reconocerá la experiencia profesional y el rendimiento académico.A continuación, puede seleccionar las áreas que usted piensa que es suficiente para crear, editar o traducir textos.Por último, es necesario introducir una disposición comunitaria. Otro aspecto a tener en cuenta cuando se registra con un editor profesional, el autor analiza las dos o tres semanas.A diferencia de otras plataformas, el sitio recibe una comisión.

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Ted Leonhardt, Groove und eine Expertenkonferenz:
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Salehoo – Salehoo Top Product Review

Salehoo, started by Simon Slade and Mark Ling back in 2005, is a famous online wholesale community and directory for eBay sellers, online traders and traditional retailers. Salehoo is considered one the largest wholesale drop ship directory online, with over 8,000 unique suppliers, 100,000 partner businesses and a wide range of tools and courses specially designed to help new partners take advantage of the drop shipping trend.

salehoo forum

Creator: Slade and Mark Ling

Official website:

Price: $67 a year

What is Unique About Salehoo?

Unlike other similar tools available online, Salehoo does not sell products related to drop shipping. Instead, they provide a huge list with thousands of genuine suppliers. Each of the 8,000 suppliers available is hand-picked by the team behind Salehoo. Each of these suppliers is more than willing to do business with you. There are a total of 1.5 million products offered by these suppliers, and this number continues to grow day by day.

Another unique aspect about Salehoo is the community section, where you can get answers to all your questions and share your knowledge with other fellow sellers who are in need of your advice. You can also build long-term relationships with other sellers from all over the world or even partnerships. There are over 100,000 retailers currently members of community, and this number is on the rise.

salehoo dropshipping

How Does it Work?

This program is extremely easy to follow and use. All you need to do is to register at this link and you will gain complete access to the community, suppliers list and other features & products. Additionally, you will also get a bonus tool that will help you kickoff your online money making business. The great news about this program is that anyone can join, regardless of previous experience, age or accomplishments. The instructional training center gives you precious insights on how to market your products on eBay without failing. You will also learn how to avoid scams, how to drop ship and how to get involved in joint ventures.

salehoo uk

Salehoo Pros

There are many positive aspects about this product that make it stand out of the crowd. Here are 5 notable pros of Salehoo

  1. Helpful & Extremely Friendly: everything connected to Salehoo is user friendly. The staff is very attentive to each user, trying to solve their problems in a timely manner, while the platform is user-friendly.
  2. Free Training: the training at Salehoo is 100% free and extremely professional. Here you have the assurance that you will be taught by the best. From dealing with taxes from your sales to finding the right niche for your needs, you’ve got your back covered by the professionals from Salehoo. Their team totals 29 smart people, most of them from New Zealand.
  3. 8,000 Honest Sources: no other tool available today is able to offer so many trustworthy manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, drop shippers and liquidators. The suppliers are efficient and dependable. Before choosing a certain supplier or wholesaler, you will have to go through a complex verification process to make sure you will get along just fine with your future partner.
  4. Explore all tools & features risk-free: one of the best things about Salehoo is that it gives you the option to explore all their services without any money investment. Moreover, if you decide to invest money and after 15 days you decide to withdraw, your investment will be fully reimbursed.
  5. Useful forum: the forum (or the community) is an extremely efficient tool to improve your marketing skills and find new opportunities for your business. The forum could prove a life-saving tool for your drop shipping business.

Salehoo Cons

  1. No ability to sort out companies: Salehoo offers limited search capabilities. You can’t find companies after country or speed of processing orders.
  2. Improper expectations: not all retailers of those 8,000 offer great margins. You might be able to save 20% on your retail price, but that’s a tough margin to work with.

The Bottom Line

Salehoo is definitely a great marketing tool, connecting retailers with suppliers in a safe and thriving environment. I have tried this online wholesale directory and found it to be genuine, extremely useful and very easy to work with. Therefore I strongly recommend Salehoo to any online retailer or affiliate marketer looking to sell products on eBay or on other similar websites.

salehoo legit

Product Name: Salehoo Wholesale-salehoo
Publisher Web Site:
Trial period:60 Days

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Beast is, however, a user interface very intuitive and interactive that is easy to use.

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One of the best options, also happens to be free, it is the complement of the attention grabber. It is also easy to install and can be quickly integrated into your WordPress site. Among the main features of adaptable bars on your site you can continue recording by Google Analytics, and power to hide or display material so it is best to select visitors.This is a WordPress plugin useful if you want to create and send your subscribers form HTML / text using WordPress API and GUI. Other features that give the possibility to choose who you want to send the newsletter and to collect and manage subscribers.AJAX widget for subscription, debugging tools, and also a great look of the page. very interesting feature that returned messages unsubscribe automatically. cap also supports internalization and delivery of multilingual reports so you can see how many subscribers to open the email and click the internal links.7. Freshmail for WordPress..Freshmail is marketing email provider, and has received awards in the category of newsletter marketing for better ROI. Freshmail plugin, you can easily create and add custom forms and pop recording specified in your WordPress page. There are also options for you to automatically configure donation box when users are taking action on a website as a comment or participate in research, as well.Connect also integrates contact forms, and Google Analytics WooCommerce box so you can keep track of everything. There are also reports where you can identify the source record using a selected period of time and see how that generated the most new subscribers. If you send more than 2000 emails per month, Freshmail is free to use. Plans from only $ 7 if you want to enjoy all the features of Freshmail.This is one of the most common types of contact for users. Why? Because it is fairly easy to use for beginners, but also flexible enough for advanced users of WordPress. For example, you can customize the form fields, the appearance and content of the message.