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Are you an artist or a public figure and you want to add to your audience.Well, I think you know take the message … unless you sell tubes and valves, this course is for you ..When you fall in love with a particular platform, it will show all the resources. Ultimately, however, a new platform for the game, but you can not take the risk.For example, Facebook and Twitter dominating social networks when you were born, but the visual communication taken slowly over online habits. Therefore, Instagram has taken the world of social media by storm, and only those who were to be opened to take advantage of this trend mind.Maybe you know it: 2016 years of Instagram.The user base grows (400 million users) and companies are using Instagram as the primary channel for visual communication.multinational brands are joining the movement. Many of them have Facebook pages of Instagram!Google shows the remarkable trend ..If you are a VIP, a manager or an entrepreneur of social media.You must have an Instagram strategy..If you have a business to help the sale of Instagram; if you want to break an artist or actor, Instagram should be a priority, and if you just want to promote that, this is the place.That’s why we have created an Instagram on the fire … to help speed up the learning and will teach you everything you need to know.At first we thought to create something simple for beginners.However, we decided to establish the most complete for all (beginners, intermediate, etc.) Of course, Instagram, will benefit.We are fully committed to creating something unique and spectacular. We did a night for weeks, taking advantage of our knowledge and funds to create something special.People out there are sold as over Instagram at a higher price. But we did this course at all. Are a bit ‘of time after Evolutions around Instagram and what to transform this social network, and I’m excited REMAINING!And the right to understand this sentence from my state of mind at the base of this new More Social Renewal is not yet ready to enter the advertising market Global Network!You know that Instagram is already used overseas price of the goods companies?From the moment I still have a lot, and how many bloggers fashionbloggers who use Instagram to monetize, even more than Facebook are interested in what I can say traction commercialization also dawn; The thing I was stunned and State Incredibly there are thousands abroad, and I repeat, thousands of young people really know what they are doing Instagram of an appropriate model for the activities Vincente 6 Zeri.

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Please photo: Which brings me to my next point! Make sure the images are high quality with interesting effects. It makes no sense to send a weak image, so be sure to take the time to make sure you do so before the highest quality. (I’m currently shooting the Canon digital SLR camera. You are on Amazon (click here).Use relevant hashtags: E ‘unlikely that the image to go very far without significant hashtag. Discover the best for your area of interest and ensure that each element used. I used the shop TagForLikes ideas and custom applications.focus disciples: you can not expect that every interaction that comes directly to you. Take time each day to keep in touch with the faithful or anyone involved in the industry to comment and the image of love. When it comes to the actual content that people are attracted to verify your account, and I hope to join the ranks of the faithful.Well, you have your successor – sweet! Now is the time to start making money.Here’s how: Making Money With InstagramAffiliate Marketing-1.Affiliate marketing is basically when a product is promoted and paid You see many bloggers make this flag sidebar to its partners (affiliates) to promote or even a specific product, inspired by mail. Well, it is not very different from Instagram.Instagram for attractive products and increase sales through your affiliate URL photos (Marcos provides the franchisee).There are some companies that together we can work with him. Here are some examples:Share sale: find companies that want to work, make an affiliate program is approved, and then start promoting. Some programs are easier to get approved if you have a blog or a website.Ebates: looking for people who love and discounts, and get a reward.Stylinity: high fashion bloggers. When people buy on the link, you get a commission.Here’s an example of how Kristyn GlamourZine establish procedures for knee boots?I want to know Marketing.You can enter the affiliate text, image or URL in your biography. You can add your affiliate link, or you can link to your blog and Instagram profile, so that when people buy through your link, you can get the sale or shorten and change.It really could not be easier. This type of marketing is especially popular Instagram clothing as it can send a “Ootd” (the day) with an affiliate link to the disciples to send full details.For those involved in the tourism sector (or simply those who like to travel – ahem, all of us), you can try to sit and use critical Hotels affiliate marketing and participating sites. Followers easy to book through your link!They are also a great beauty bloggers can invite people “to buy the appearance.” The techniques are thinner and therefore more effective than untargeted type of sale.

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Crowdfunding is given a loan or money to friends, business acquaintances, and the number of Internet generally interested in what they do.I’ll give you some examples of how it works …Laura Boyd South Carolina wants to start a photography business …In particular, he wants to fly to Paris and the creation of a collection of photos in HDR to start …He scored his project crowdfunding platform.And within a few days it was to start his company $ 5890, where in 38 games and unknown.Or take the four students from the University of New York, who had the idea of creating a new social network called Diaspora Daniel Grippi, Maxwell Salzberg, Raphael Sofaer and IlyaZhitromirskiy …Students showed their needs crowdfunding platform.$ 200,642 rose to 6470 people. Most of them did not know, but he felt and finance online!Now, this is so cool crowdfunding absolutely amazing …All you have to do is:Display common sense (which will show how to do this in a moment)And you can collect all the money quickly, you need!And if that’s not cool enough, crowdfunding has another great advantage.If money raise collective financing, debt or equity is not given in your company …That is, he has no money to pay for …action is required on your business.In fact, all the money that is given for you.It may be better?Here’s how it works.Now I want to tell you how donations as it is one of my favorite things … crowdfunding.Now, some people will make a donation of $ 10, $ 25, $ 50, $ 100 or more just because you like it, or think what you do is cool …But in many cases, people donate because themrewardsfor to give their presents …I’ll give you some examples.Sight Unseen, an online magazine about creativity, up to $ 3,895 from 52 donors.For donations of $ 200 or more, donors have a link and mention of Sight Unseen “list of sites that want”It will not cost a penny Sight Unseen, but they had some people who donate $ 200 each.Mustard O my friend who increased $ 4,293 from 54 donors.For more than $ 80, there were people in mustard manufacturers load their donations to parties launch.O Love Cupcakes raised $ 7240 from 41 donors.For donations of $ 50, donors have given a dozen cupcakes. Called for $ 500 donation, biscuits small cakes with donors.And yes, you probably know $ 500 donation that people go into a store and buy a cupcake Dave Lavinsky.The point is that you can set prizes (which can cost anything) to get people to donate for you …Now, if you look going from $ 2,000 to $ 200,000 to start a business or expand, I have something important to say.And I say that these thousands of entrepreneurs increase over $ 2.5 billion in a decade has helped …Crowdfunding is definitely the best way to raise money for any business …That is, I ISNO raise much more money quickly and easily.the money is not returned!You do not need a lot of money in your bank account.Or a story of incredible credit.Alternatively, the house can be used as collateral.Or a detailed business plan showing how to make the investor an extraordinary performance …You do not need these things.But I must warn you.If you try to raise funds crowdfunding, it is likely that in your face fiasco …In fact, 71.3% of entrepreneurs who previously has tried to get crowdfunding has FAILED !!!There are many details that shape, having .. or does not work ..And you only have one chance.That is, when you ask someone to donate the wrong way and they say “no”, there are few chances are that you have a second chance ..But if you do it right, you can all the money they need quickly and easily lift ..

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Enjoy the video course at any time and anywhere you want! For its own territory only videos and partners! You can also download the content!If new content is considered “New Zone Updates” again.The new “generation Snapchat” to spend an hour on the day of execution and influential brands adopt Snapchat participate influential marketing …Below is a screenshot of the famous Snapper shown …Want to know why you do not get more people to see their story Snapchat? You have progressed Snapchat and fight like a fish out of water and tried to understand Snapchat worth the time?Let’s face it – he fought it was probably because their stories are boring to watch.But do not stress – let me be your Ben Kenobi, and I promise that these six tips to increase your Snapchat participation and make it more attractive story to a wider audience.Often forget to have a strategy when they come Snapchat. To buy into the hype, just download the application and start random pictures of cats published. Now there is nothing in the history of the strategy, and this is the storyboard.If you want to rise above the people and excited about what they strive, think of a story before publication. Take 60 seconds to write the storyboard ideas and him.After the script, you’ll learn how to create depth to the story. Use Snapchat for “show” not “tell” message.An example of “telling” the outpouring of the message 10 minutes showing the camera a square face. “Show” story to share its message through images and symbolism, in addition to the most common form.If you want to increase the participation of Snapchat, ask the participants to the audience the story. Create interactive stories parts and give the public an idea that has something to say in the outcome. For example, you can use simple stop-motion animation, where people are invited to touch the screen.Another option is to look at the audience and ask them if they want to make a screenshot. One day it may even be as advanced as Shaunayala Snapchat and story development.Public participation has become a pillar of the history of my Snapchat growth. I focus more on giving me the content they get an interactive view of the component.Public participation in its history, which is wonderful, but the next level – where you have done is to highlight the history – is better.Show everyone how amazing the audience and put them in the middle of the story revolves scene background is a great way to increase participation. It could be as simple as a weekly game of my “reverse battle Thursday lip-synching” or “Blake Crofts sad song Sunday.” can also be more complex form @AaronFPS recently, people had to vote for it #shareacoke challenges.One of the quickest ways to kill your chances of participation Snapchat Snapchat is like a mirror and forget all use native tools. Unless you are very, very nice, it is likely that the public would like to meet throughout the day.Snapchat is amazing to create attractive and compelling content. You can draw, you can add points Emoji characters, you can use a silly face lenses or backward acceleration, deceleration and filters.There are many creative ways to see available when it comes to make the funniest story Snapchat – creative is a sin not to use one or more of these features in their plans.The new automatic feed Snapchat, more and more people consume content on the platform. ADF – see the story of the role of Snapchat automatically to the next – that allows users who are not usually looking for the content of salts participate in the hearing. To maximize the profitability of this option, you have a good hook new viewers remain.First, public participation, so that people know exactly what the story is about Snapchat. It can attract people and say, “hmm I want to see, where to go to the next story.”The last way to increase the participation of Snapchat gives the secret of your call to action. Not always, the house and farm, “the mystery of what it does.