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Enjoy the video course at any time and anywhere you want! For its own territory only videos and partners! You can also download the content!If new content is considered “New Zone Updates” again.The new “generation Snapchat” to spend an hour on the day of execution and influential brands adopt Snapchat participate influential marketing …Below is a screenshot of the famous Snapper shown …Want to know why you do not get more people to see their story Snapchat? You have progressed Snapchat and fight like a fish out of water and tried to understand Snapchat worth the time?Let’s face it – he fought it was probably because their stories are boring to watch.But do not stress – let me be your Ben Kenobi, and I promise that these six tips to increase your Snapchat participation and make it more attractive story to a wider audience.Often forget to have a strategy when they come Snapchat. To buy into the hype, just download the application and start random pictures of cats published. Now there is nothing in the history of the strategy, and this is the storyboard.If you want to rise above the people and excited about what they strive, think of a story before publication. Take 60 seconds to write the storyboard ideas and him.After the script, you’ll learn how to create depth to the story. Use Snapchat for “show” not “tell” message.An example of “telling” the outpouring of the message 10 minutes showing the camera a square face. “Show” story to share its message through images and symbolism, in addition to the most common form.If you want to increase the participation of Snapchat, ask the participants to the audience the story. Create interactive stories parts and give the public an idea that has something to say in the outcome. For example, you can use simple stop-motion animation, where people are invited to touch the screen.Another option is to look at the audience and ask them if they want to make a screenshot. One day it may even be as advanced as Shaunayala Snapchat and story development.Public participation has become a pillar of the history of my Snapchat growth. I focus more on giving me the content they get an interactive view of the component.Public participation in its history, which is wonderful, but the next level – where you have done is to highlight the history – is better.Show everyone how amazing the audience and put them in the middle of the story revolves scene background is a great way to increase participation. It could be as simple as a weekly game of my “reverse battle Thursday lip-synching” or “Blake Crofts sad song Sunday.” can also be more complex form @AaronFPS recently, people had to vote for it #shareacoke challenges.One of the quickest ways to kill your chances of participation Snapchat Snapchat is like a mirror and forget all use native tools. Unless you are very, very nice, it is likely that the public would like to meet throughout the day.Snapchat is amazing to create attractive and compelling content. You can draw, you can add points Emoji characters, you can use a silly face lenses or backward acceleration, deceleration and filters.There are many creative ways to see available when it comes to make the funniest story Snapchat – creative is a sin not to use one or more of these features in their plans.The new automatic feed Snapchat, more and more people consume content on the platform. ADF – see the story of the role of Snapchat automatically to the next – that allows users who are not usually looking for the content of salts participate in the hearing. To maximize the profitability of this option, you have a good hook new viewers remain.First, public participation, so that people know exactly what the story is about Snapchat. It can attract people and say, “hmm I want to see, where to go to the next story.”The last way to increase the participation of Snapchat gives the secret of your call to action. Not always, the house and farm, “the mystery of what it does.