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How can I do this for a price? There are three possibilities: 1. You hire a group of geeky young people that are still learning and practicing on the computer. 2. In India or in the Philippines or abroad, where labor is cheap. 3. The minimum-just to survive, without the desire, the awareness of quality.5. Check fraud: Here’s how it works. You don’t have to call a remote computer, the service of repair for your printer is not working. The team says online that you can connect to your computer and can tell you what is wrong, free of charge, without any obligation to you. Then, you can decide what you have to do. Free Diagnostic! Looks good, isn’t it? A lot of people fall into this. Thus, the PC technician connects to the computer and a program (create), said the sweep of the execution team. In just 3 minutes with this software, reports hundreds of registry errors, dozens of problems in the event log, dozens of viruses, worms, trojan horses, and spyware. You said that it is resolved immediately, before all your files, and the computer does not work. After the panic, give him an outrageous price of $ 300.00. After you pay, and I’ll try to fix all the errors, it is likely that the printer is still. But the truth is that it is a piece of software in the world that can tell you what is the problem with your computer in a few minutes. I have over two decades of experience, and I can say that it is careful work takes a couple of hours on the computer. We already have many customers who told me that he is not a fraud. Fortunately, you have me, and, in many cases, the team was just as bad, a form is called, as you might think. 6. One-year contract for the minting of Service: Pay $ 300 per year, and the invocation of the remote PC repair, when you want it. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. I have talked with many people who have been burned. There is only one way, on-computer-repair business to stay in business, and that is according to the promise. The contract is long and in small print, it is not read by the majority of customers. I’ve read them. The small print says that, if someone, after an effort to lose the team with him, to help him, and you have no right to a refund.