The William F. Murray Grandfather (F9SE) and the Legacy (F9E)

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You can make it a watch, one of the most interesting is, without a doubt, the end of the project, it Is always possible, and for once, it is a source of satisfaction and pride for you for many years, all of which with a fireplace, admiration, and the watch is very good, and a part of the family for future generations, like a clock.Some of these techniques to the cutting of products, models with the same techniques and methods over the years of working with watches. They were always to remember that it is easier and faster, especially, to try to live up to, the repair or the construction of new watches.

With a bag, hundreds of models of the transport of the load of work, new and old clocks, I think that the hardest part for the manufacturing, the transport of a button, it is perfect for the business, for the Cover.

1. WITH parchment paper And a WAX PENCIL, the name, the FORM, on the outer side.

If you have an Old pendulum clock, and the ring of the bell, the best way is the lack of a traditional method, the oven of paper and a pen or pencil. You can pencil the parchment on the floor where the old Upload is missing and then you RUB the wax, round in shape, the outer edge and the shape of the key on the map.


This is only a model, the maximum in this phase. Now, the transfer, in the Form of a button on a piece of paper, you can use an old cereal box or similar, and then cut out the shape of the key.

After the paper is cut to an appropriate shape of the product, it is very important to ensure that replacing the circuit Board in the vicinity of the eyes or on the site of the former boss.

If your model of Cardmounting to work properly, you need two models, exactly the same shape and the same size as the original, are for the sandwich, coat the new key, and give shearing force to the load, and to prevent the loss of the facets.

3add the THREE sides from a POSITION of STRENGTH.

The true Alliance is the product of the artificial, in General, it Is possible, they stick together, the three sheets of wood, white glue and a small veneer press, or two plates, and the weight of the upper part.