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I’ve always been someone who was able to understand things, especially how to do these things. My ex-boss called me, the Director of “the Future”, because I make a good navigation and stuff. Not seem to be true for me. I was very frustrated because I could not understand how to do things. The policy is in force? Have a structure? I really don’t know.” Then, Susan Left an organization, the company offered employment with a competitor. It is logical, isn’t it? The employment or your organization should. In this case, not. It was much better, but in a month, I felt that I was choking and even more confused, even if their heads were very happy with their work, colleagues and I enjoyed working with her. Clearly, there is a break somewhere. The hardest part for Susan was to admit that the dream is a task that is so incredible. Remember that you have a fast network? The network of comments about the brand. And I think that what it says? Almost everyone, when he said that was the identification of opportunities in the field of health, said that, since I work in this environment. On the contrary, he was contacted by a fast start-up, and the environments in which many things happen quickly. Managing Director Of The Wine. Susan confesses that it is safe, because I heard this comment. May be, he was very focused on your goal? I don’t want to be distracted? Or the comment was not what you wanted to hear. Whatever the reason, Susan, is now more and more comments on his own label. In this moment, she really belongs. He knew that the other, is how to work with them, that he always finds a way to do something. He lives in situations that are not clear, but it stops when things are not very structured. She is an optimistic person, and those who love you, positive and lasting effect. But it is not risky, and if there is a problem, it is open and directly in the process of identification and, therefore, the work will be corrected. It is a fantastic, fast-paced environments, because everything is fast-it’s a sliding door, and, literally, never stops. He also speaks quickly. Works best in environments where action is very important for the explanation of justification, or to convince others. A lot of lamps left on Susan, as he introduced his new label.I recently read a statistic that two-thirds of workers are unhappy in their work. Can you believe it? This is a SURPRISINGLY high number! I think that the time for the Job and the impact on the rest of our lives! It is simply something we must accept, as a reality, or is it something that you can do to prevent it? Many people simply accept. But for those who are ready for a change, you will find the ideal job and create a life of love! I have several years as an accountant, and I have to admit, I’m one of the two parties, he hated the job. But I have already decided, for many years, and I thought that it is best for each project that has been set since the beginning of the year, as someone, or some other excuse I made. Then the moment came that I am happy with my career and needed a change.