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How to choose the home automation equipment.Learn to choose the best team in home automation and security, the implementation of wireless home networking systems with the latest audio and video distribution, controls the main lighting, home security cameras, low temperature systems control the voltage and full integration in the home. Find out what features home automation and security system are most important to you.In national and wireless networks.Learn how to create a wired and wireless home network and how to link it to your total home automation system. Learn about the best wireless system and wireless systems that can save money.audio system for the entire household.More information about the latest advances in audio distribution systems for home and how you can choose from multiple audio sources in every room, including the new satellite radio. There are several options for remote audio controls and wiring. Also audio speakers only to find the whole house and how they can be reached.The new distribution Enhanced Home Video.

Learn how to create a video distribution system that allows you to choose between various sources of video and security cameras in a given environment. Learn the best way to split video signals to multiple sources of television and how your home automation system can control and select the LCD touch screen remote control color video or zero.possibilities of controlling home lighting.incredible advances in lighting control technology have been made in recent years. Learn at their pre-programmed to the system push of a button, you can reduce the levels of light to create a ‘scene’ as ‘dinner’, ‘film’ or enlightenment ‘night’. Touch screens can also control remote rooms or more areas.safety and home protection.A good security system must include a security camera. Learn more about the features and types of video cameras and switches, sequencers and separation. Protection against video recording at home is something that can be added and new hard disk recorders has some interesting features.How to plan your house wiring.Planning control systems low voltage wiring in your house to a fully integrated automation system is an essential part of the design. There are many ways to simplify wiring and minimize cut in walls, floors and ceilings. Learning to optimize wiring and which parts of your system may be wireless.full control of embedded systems.There are manufacturers who have designed, integrated systems for complete automation. These not only control audio, video, lighting and safety alive, but the air conditioning systems of low voltage and the ability to control devices such as curtains, garage doors, security doors, appliances, systems are added irrigation, fountains, etc …Shop and find the best deal.Learning to save money and find the best prices on internet. Links are provided throughout this book to some of the best websites to choose your home automation system and equipment. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping and how to find an installer near you.