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Take your knowledge of PC to a whole new level with our Superguides Superguides are our new range of cutting edge training materials that will allow our readers to master the most advanced security software and techniques in their own homes at their own pace. Our Superguides are not only eBooks, but packs full digital download.
Why download?
A lot of websites have started selling e-books (electronic books). It is our belief that an eBook really misses the point. People like the books because they are convenient and easy to read. That (and the fact you do not run out of battery power when not plugged into the wall) is the reason why books are still popular, even in the digital era. Move a book on a computer takes the reader virtually none of the benefits of information technology and several disadvantages, such as eye strain and reduced portability.
Our Superguides take advantage of the ‘e’ in e-book. While still find e-book content in our guides, you can also find video content, as it does in However, the video content on our records is at high resolutions and designed to accommodate a wide range of displays, thus taking advantage of the storage capacity of modern computers.
The fact that e-books in our guides are complimentary to the videos, do not think for a moment that they are second class! We take pride in the preparation of high quality material for our eBook Superguide discs. See this page before you consider purchasing an eBook from a website.Microsoft competing offers a wide official to guide for Windows 10, which covers all aspects of its latest operating system. There are also tutorials high quality of an entity available, often covering some advanced system settings that are not available in the official edition.

Along with the official Microsoft Windows 10 how to make the entire section so far seems to be ten forums. They have over 100 tutorials on various topics of Windows 10, ranging from the basic settings to advanced hacks for highly customizable user experience. Examples are adding colors to the title bars or creating a desktop icon for Microsoft Edge browser. Both issues are not covered by Microsoft.

Other websites that offer well written in Windows 10 tips and tutorials are WinSuperSite, MakeUseOf, WinAero, and many more.

Computer manufacturers have prepared their tutorials Windows 10, too. These guidelines, which cover the most basic issues, are intended for the delivery of new equipment based on 10 victories. Some of them are available as free online resources, too. So far, we have found guidance Lenovo, while Dell, HP, and others are coming soon.

If you are an IT professional planning to implement Windows 10 in your company, you can check out free Introduction to Microsoft Windows 10 and Windows 10 for professionals eBooks FAQ Company.