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Organized. For financial information to you in a clear format. For time and space organized (for example, it held a block of time each week to pay bills, and designate a central place for recipes). After cleaning, the physical space to better manage money, get rid of unhealthy attitudes (eg, escape) that clutter the mind, so you can concentrate better.
Through the unit. Analyze your current spending writing all this money for a couple of days or more. Study the record, honestly ask yourself if the purchase order to truly reflect the value and the value of what they cost. Find out if you really need what you have bought. Then ask God to give clarity of mind and needs are different desires. Make sure you survive, there is little need – food, water, clothing and shelter.
Do not buy things you do not really need or even want. If you have extra money to save for consumption. Only buy things when you can afford it. No money to feel better. Do not spend too much on gifts to impress or win the approval of others. Do not buy things just because they are available for sale. Be clear about what specific things you want to buy before setting foot in a store or online shopping. Make a list and stick to it.
Use your credit cards wisely. If you do not have the money to pay for something, the weight is not credited. Planning purchases in order to have enough money to pay without going into debt. Never pay the minimum balance on credit cards each month; try to pay the bill in full each month to avoid costly because of the benefits. Build an emergency reserve of the economy so that the cost of emergency repairs, such as cars and medical expenses are not charged credit. Do not spend up to limit credit cards, or by using a line of credit to pay off another. Keep track of what you spend when a credit card so they are willing to pay for all the bills your credit card each month and incur no interest account is used….