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The value of the brand, the exclusivity and the advertising, these bags will have to pay a tax for a number of reasons why people are so keen to a. Thus, while the market of luxury handbags in the world? These are areas in constant growth, and, in the case of an epidemic, the strongest growth is expected? Add a pair of statistics, the sales of bags, you will be surprised to know. Of course, there are several sites that give a comprehensive overview of the luxury handbag retail stores around the world.

1. This edition of Forbes?

Regardless of the fact that some say that the Forbes report is still reliable, and useful information. Lets look at the last report, is, in fact, a list with the most prestigious brands. Here is a list of brands that are available in all companies and industries around the world. In the list, but the designer of handbag brand in the top ten, Louis Vuitton.

2. In cases where the united States of America?

The united States of America is a large market for luxury bags. It is one of the most important markets today. Bag of the market, report, Coach, Inc. is a leader in the market of luxury designer handbags in the united States of America on the market. Other important actors are wellknown brands, Burberry, Ives Saint Laurent, louis vuitton, Christian Dior. Sales in the UNITED states has increased in recent years.

3. The impact of the global economic crisis.

According to the report, the volume of business, after an increase in 2009 due to the economic crisis has decreased, but you have to be quick. There was a rapid growth of the market in the year of 2012. In 2012, the company has recorded in almost all regions of the world.

4. The situation in developing countries.

In countries such as India and China, the number of HighNetWorth individuals, gradually increases. This means that income available. This has led to a forecast of sales growth in the Asia region.

5. What is the role of income growth, is not it?

According to the statistics, the increase in the volume of business, in particular due to the price increase. It is not surprising that more and more people, it is not worth it to pay a little more for the exclusivity and the highest quality possible.