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This chakra is responsible for relations. In a word, this chakra you can feel the compassion, empathy, and true love. When the heart chakra is open, it is an exciting relationships and great opportunities.
Stephanie Mulac explain that this chakra affects self-expression. When this chakra is completely on, the voice belongs to everyone, and you are likely to express their opinions. When out of position, you are not afraid of public speaking.This chakra is located in front and to keep his balance. In a word, this chakra is responsible for giving a sense of proportion and you can see the big picture. It also helps to make the big decisions.
It is located above the head and connects the source. . .
What is included in the activation Chakra?
Heart program is the most important guide to the activation Chakra, which is a detailed step by step manual that describes all the chakra system and how it works in all 7 Chakra.This guide explains Stephanie MULAC different chakras affect relationships and the impact of other things in your life. Ultimately, we will teach you the techniques to awaken the forces of internal energy and the use of these powers to get what you want.Chakra activation, accompanied by the rainbow Chakra sound meditation. After the release of the chakras is different breathing patterns and sounds, the voice will help you relax when you meditate.
In addition to the above, there are also two bonus books. The first bonus is a guide to the ‘seven positions that help to heal and Tune Chakra. In essence, this is a bike through the idea that yoga is not only suitable for maintaining a healthy and flexible body, but also helps to heal the chakras.

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If you are skeptical voices trying to protect yourself against being deceived. . . This is a good sign. This means that the pendulum turns in one direction, and quickly became a true believer in science to comment! The fact is that my life is a living proof that the Super embodies the program really works! This is the story of how I found out how the concentration of events has really worked for me. . .At one point in the journey of my life, I felt that every day was a constant battle for survival. . .I am very depressed because of the divorce, the suicide of my father was a common struggle for all I knew.I spent most of the day, do nothing, hoping that my life would change.I was completely broke, overwhelmed with bills and had no way to pay for them.And to make matters worse, I borrowed $ 20,000 in credit card that was lost during the collapse of the stock market.Live food and lifestyle very healthy, which gave me very little energy and constantly grumpy and tired of me. I was in a rut in the dark. . .Then one day the deepest pit of despair, I had an experience that changed my life forever. I remember lying on the floor and deeply saddened by depression. . . . feel so overwhelmed with bills and does not work for pay. At the same time, I could not help but to completely give up my life and the life of the soul nothing. I’m a big download information, we thought it was the highest intelligence in the universe of love.A huge wave of energy rushed through my body and I start to write everything down. I wrote it for many hours per day the following three weeks! This was followed by all manifest the eighth working day (or habits) that changed my life forever. I quickly learned that every day I followed these simple ways to express immediately the energy and conscience and will ultimately attract people, situations and the results of my heart desired! This was the beginning of what became early manual reflects.I began to apply these 8 habits on a daily basis and the results were amazing !!experience about 90 days, I feel that life has changed dramatically in a very positive way!

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Positive thinking can lead to many positive changes in your life. Develop optimistic outlook may be good for your physical and mental health. But sometimes, certain situations in life that makes it difficult to keep a positive attitude arise. Take steps to positive thinking become second nature and you will reap great benefits. Here are 10 tips to make the easy positive thinking.time with positive people 1. Gastos
If you surround yourself with many repeated complaints, probably erase the negativity. Spend time with family and good friends to increase the likelihood that your habits become your habits also positive thinking. It ‘hard to be negative when everyone around you as a positive sign.2. Take responsibility for your behavior
When problems and difficulties of life, do not play the role of victim. Recognize the role and responsibility in the case of transport to take. The responsibility to help you learn from mistakes and prevent you from mistakenly blaming others.3. Contribution to Community
One of the best ways to feel good about what you need to focus on what you have to give. Volunteers give in some way and the public. You can help others to give a new perspective on life and can help with positive thinking.4. Positive teams to inspire Read
Spend some time each day to read that encourages positive thinking. Read the Bible, spiritual issues, or inspirational quotes to help you focus on what is important to you in life. It can be a good way to start and end the day.

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There are two years, I heard a therapist in Hawaii who cured a complete ward criminally insane – without seeing one of them. Psychologist to examine the record of the prisoner and see for yourself how he created that person’s disease. When he recovered, the patient improved.
When I heard this story, I thought it was an urban legend. As you can heal another person to heal? How self-improvement, even the best teacher can improve the criminally insane?It does not mean anything. It was not logical, therefore, dismissed the story.However, I heard it again a year later. I heard that the therapist had used a Hawaiian healing process called ho oponopono ‘. I had never heard of, but not out of my mind. If the story is true, I had to know more.I had always understood that the ‘global’ in the sense that I am responsible for what I think and do. Furthermore, it is in my hands. I think most people think of total responsibility that way. We are responsible for what we do, not what someone. Hawaiian therapist who healed the mentally ill to teach me an advanced new perspective about total responsibility.His name is Dr. Hew Len Ihaleakalá. We probably spent an hour talking on our first phone call. I asked him to tell me the story of the work of the therapist. He explained that he worked as Hawaii State Hospital for four years. This area, where they spent the criminally insane was dangerous. Psychologists quit on a monthly basis. The staff who are often sick or simply quit. People walk in this region against the wall, afraid of attacks in patients. It was not a pleasant place to live, work or visit.

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He is an excellent guide that shows how each takes to eliminate all negativity which in recent years. In addition, Winter Vee also shows users the best ways to change your desires and actions to ultimately achieve its objectives and success. active brain capacity and strength and energy of company goals to succeed and achive. Winter Vee system also shows how to build a profitable and rewarding career. Knowledge and skills will be used to amazing system also help to make a lot of money to build a solid budget and you should also know how to manage the economy.
previous resolutions kings compounds for a variety of information that is helpful to activate and enjoy the power and occult power, which is really going all the negativity, the program your brain to build a life of faith and create of spiritual wealth and success in order to improve productivity, professional development and put a lot more money. If you do not see or do sastified the machine, a full refund policy in the program..
The solutions of the resolution of ancient kings system certainly helps activate and use energy and power to hide take to eliminate all negativity, to program the brain to build an attitude of working life and to develop a lot more money. But we must have patience, the program..
If you want a rich and happy life, the former kings of the system’s secrets is a good way to lead to success. It consists of a large number of valuable information on how to use the possibility of brain and mind. All methods and programs available sources and solutions in light of credible scientific information that enables you to benefit from the brain, and use the power of two sources present in the body to the objectives of energy and success.

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anxiety problems have solutions, but when you find one, you may not be hard to beat. The reason for this is that if you have a chance to recover, literally anxiety following support instead of fear and symptoms Delete. It’s almost as if you are vandalism, the techniques of application that makes it worse, even if you are trying so hard to help!This is the most natural thing in the world. Anxiety disorders often feel as if something has invaded your life, and most are trying to resist and oppose it. But the biggest problems come from our efforts to resist and eliminate anxiety and fear itself.People are not fooled by this trick is completely healthy. Too often, well-meaning friends, doctors and therapists erroneously refers to the spontaneous processes for their patients, who can. How many times well-meaning friend or family member applies only to ‘Calm down! O Recommended stop thinking about it! ? If only it were that simple! Nothing good comes of these proposals.There is also a technique called stop thinking ‘I locked pulse is designed to help get rid of my thoughts. These are not the kind of anxiety the help you need! Will not work, because even think about something, the more you think.If you want to quickly search for now, take a moment and think about the elephant dance.You know what I mean? Do not even think to stop thinking!When anxiety tricks, do not be fooled by the recovery strategies that really make a stronger fear and more durable. Most of anxiety struggle, the more it will grow. It is like a fire with gasoline.People who struggle with chronic anxiety often observe ‘the more I try, it’s worse. ‘They were afraid, and suggests that it is their fault, that there is something wrong, if they can not recover. But if it is true that the more you try, the worse it is, you probably need to look at the methods used and managed in various adsThis is a place to help with anxiety, as well as strategies that work. Show anxiety methods, I was in my office in Chicago to help people overcome fears, phobias, anxiety and panic attacks during the last 25 years. You can use these treatments to overcome anxiety and tower to implement their own recovery from anxiety.

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Kahi Loa is a form of healing art form of the Hawaiian islands (Kauai). In the Hawaiian language, words have different meanings. Kahi Loa can be translated as ‘sacred union with the energy’ or ‘movement or flow of life / energy. Is ‘very fluid Kahi Loa doctors to move the body and the hands of the majority of the session. ancient form of vibrational energy in motion, not to be confused with Lomilomi. Kahi Loa is done fully clothed, oil, and a form based on many relaxing and energizing contacts. Some people say that Huna teaches, Polynesia, as Kahi Loa, actually comes from the Pleiades system. Kahi Loa is easy to learn, easy and fun to do, and very affectionate.Kahi Loa help put your alignment of body and mind using the elements and nature. The practitioner helps the client to connect to various parts of the aspects of love that simulates 7 elements (fire, wind, water, stone, plants, animals and people / ancestors). Unlike other methods, Kahi Loa is associated with the story woven into the support to help the customer visualize the elements of nature. Sometimes talking about the story aloud to create a view. At other times, it can be just a word here and there to help the customer development. The meeting can also be done in silence. In contact with nature and the elements are a major focus of Kahi Loa and training, as well as donors and recipients. ancient Hawaiian prayer begins and often ends with blessings and session events. Possible (human voice) because of the vibration energy of prosperity and change. Hawaiian own language in the magic prayer (Pule Hawaii). Additional information on the background and Kahi Loa Huna Amanda here.These classes, as Amanda professionals teaching in educational institutions and created a new vibrational energy in the form of a beautiful woman with an interest in both the professional and the client. Classes incoporate some features called Huna (Hawaiian shamanism), while the main goal is to Kahi Loa. Level Master / Master examines various aspects of Huna, including integrated tools and daily private sessions to help clients change parts of Aloha. Kahi Loa can vary slightly different carrier carrier intuitive ability and the ability to grow with time. Each session is unique and individual, but always full of love and heart elements. The classes are based on the first steps to find out what your good practice ‘hidden’ and in the heart of cosmic enlightenment.
Kahi Loa In ‘Akahi..This course covers the philosophy Kahi Loa and history of Hawaii and Lemuria. Students will also learn the seven principles. Students learn pikopiko (respiratory center) and 7 Respiratory element. Students explore the link itself with 7 elements and common attributes for each element. This category is particularly important conference and personal development.

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So when action is taken today, I’ll give you 3 bonus rapid additional action. . . If you answered yes to any or all of the above, you are exactly right!Welcome to this special opportunity to design the perfect life with powerful technologies of consciousness of the screen!Then an idea, Dr. Denis Waitley, proved to be true of thousands of people from all walks of life, and NASA scientists, experts and athletes physically!But the tablets must be meaningful and coordinate successfully, change the life you want, you must use a special way to ensure that you take all power tools to the right, and strong feelings of changes in their lives.Create a beautiful dream home (if it is a luxurious mansion or a canvas tent to pack every day as they travel the world)?Clean and enjoy super cars, motorcycles or any other super cars?Take great holiday destinations and trips you have always wanted to see?Enjoy enough luxury (this ‘luxury’ mean)?
Experience a deep passion and romance in your life?The body beautiful love?Inspiringly and give generously to others in your life (or the world) who are less fortunate than you?If you answered yes to any or all of the above, then this course is for you! Since the only way to do this is that it is possible, so that the activation of these dreams as a universal law of reality.Legal experts and businessmen who have achieved their goals and dreams, the conscious use of energy principles everyone agrees on one thing:This powerful course immerse you in a clear understanding of how to use existing visualization techniques. It also gives you seven weeks of vigorous exercise per day (49!) So you can plan your life exactly as you want!

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I am determined to help people find their voice TG TRUE
Today, as founder and president of an exceptional voice, Inc., incorporated in 1997, I devote most of their time to help the community of transgender (TG) to change the voice. Since 2000, I have many people in the world with the TG. research and communication to the public, who developed a popular music program called the feminization of new function of two extraordinary women. The course of the accident during my 30 days and the feminization of audio training series. I had the privilege of thousands of women from various resources provided TG can be used to change the sound deeper. I am passionate about helping Europe and the presence of TG and feminization of therapeutic techniques and participate in TG at conferences around the world, including the first gold rush in Colorado Congress in the spirit of the event and transgender California Dreamin Conference Keystone Conference South IFGE comfort that everyone in the conference. When the Tg is not the recognition and educational programs of voice languages for companies and individuals and the community, such as singers, actors, broadcasters, retailers and teachers. I promise to use my experience to give a voice to people who want and deserve. If you want to make changes to your life more fulfilling votes.

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Consulte para preparar platos que aprendieron cuando eran viajando en Tailandia y Perú otra vez; Pero, sobre todo, tratar de conseguir tus amigos en este tipo de programa, especialmente si tienen amigos extranjeros, que también es bueno para enseñar el curso.Creo que es importante que te contamos más sobre la cultura y nos enseñan a saber cuál es su embajador, es bueno estar siempre listo para corchadoras cuestiones específicas que generalmente no son pasajeros.Me refiero al origen de la cocina tradicional de X bobaditas.En Internet se puede encontrar una gran cantidad de información para aprender bien, no sólo para lograr una comprensión más profunda de las costumbres, la lengua, o las raíces, pero puede compartir algo de lo que tienen cientos de extranjeros en el mundo y la carga recoge la reproducción de esta información, y cualquier ayudan a la economía, por lo que un cambio positivo en la imagen puede estar más allá de nosotros.Introduzca los bienes culturales en los museos es otra buena idea, y darles la oportunidad de participar en diversos proyectos internacionales, no sólo para aprender sobre el arte, la música, la comida y la historia de algunos países se reúnen también con el asesoramiento ventas al exterior y recomendaciones prácticas.Recuerda volver, incluso si se encuentran en su país de origen, los camaleones culturales. Ellos serán capaces de absorber una gran cantidad y saber algo acerca de la historia de los lugares y conózcanla porque estoy seguro de que alguien está interesado en escuchar.Me gusta que quiera conocer la historia de los lugares que voy, pero incluso si se dice por la gente local, que a menudo están en la carne. Recuerdo que cuando estaba viajando en Hiroshima -Japón- cumplir con el sobreviviente de la bomba atómica, que fue a visitar el Memorial de la Paz fue construido en la explosión.Y piensan que hice?
Colección conversación sin pensarlo dos veces y habló de su experiencia personal para contar su historia. . . Creo que esto es los momentos más intensos que he experimentado en mi vida, una de esas experiencias que están siempre en movimiento.