The Simple Spell Casting System Checklist

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Then, the researchers found that the blood of each volunteer and the samples in separate rooms. (The rooms are changes in the DNA in the blood.)

Then the volunteers have to be built, is presented with a series of video clips to trigger different emomtions, such as joy, sadness, excitement, etc.
Step 1: a group of subjects were chosen for a casual,
and blood samples from each of them.

(Important: you sat in a separate room, to take a blood sample to see if you like the video).

As a follow-up of various emotions, physical responses (breathing frequency, heart rate and blood pressure), and the analysis of blood.

The researchers were surprised to see almost an exact match between what is measured physically “peaks and valleys” of volunteers and delivery drivers, the highs and lows of the DNA samples from the blood.Scientists, the military wanted to see what it would be, how far voluntary
for blood tests and see for yourself
the results are amazing…
Step 3: the DNA activity in the blood samples almost
respond directly to strong emotions and
Woe to those who, on a voluntary basis.
So, he repeated the experiment multiple times after moving the volunteers 1 mile from their samples… then 5 to 10 thousand miles… 15 km…

… and eventually stops when the material of the samples 50 km from the blood.

In all tests, the results were exactly the same!

Even if the patient tests of 50 km in the blood. what are the peaks and valleys of the measurements of the samples directly natural video clips appeared in their answers… without any kind of delay.

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