The Virus Reviews–Virus Remediation Training

In episode 9 Computer Trade Podcast, I had Ken Dwight, Virus Doctor, as a guest team Business Podcast. He shared valuable information on best practices around eliminating virus and have received a lot of positive feedback from listeners in this episode.Ken provided a lot of information in the free podcast that was just a small sample of the information that is taught in its roots virtual workshop several days. Ken calls his training workshops virus remediation, and training, which digs into the details of his method to remove viruses quickly and accurately.Ken offers the following guarantee to attend training:You can find and remove at least 95 of all malware on infected systems
Less than 5 will return to a ‘reasonable’ period of time
clock total time to complete the correction will be less than two hours,
I recently had the opportunity to attend the workshop Ken. Does the course live up to the promises and guarantee? What follows is my unbiased opinion, and my recommendation would benefit most from this course.What is included in the recovery courses virus?The course is available both in person, if you happen to be near a city where Ken takes the classroom or online. I attended one of the virtual workshop Ken, which contains the same material as in-person meetings. The virtual classroom is divided into two workshops a day and a half, the first session covers 1 and 2 (see below), with Session 3 and 4 having the entire second half of the day.The workshop is presented in a connection in which Ken GoToWebinar shows the computer screen through the prepared samples, and examples of display themes. The following is a breakdown of the four teaching sessions.Session 1: IntroductionThe introductory section of the course lasts about an hour, and is essentially an enlarged version of the free webinar Ken, advanced virus removal techniques, given regularly for people interested in attending the full course. This includes an introduction by Ken, where an overview of their knowledge and experience is offered, while the ground for the rest of the workshop is prepared.Session 2: Windows RegistrySession 2 is where we start to get to school. At first glance, it may seem easy to start recording. In fact, it may seem futile to spend a full session in the Windows registry together. However, this is one of the most in-depth lessons on disk had. Ken has decades of experience working in the registry and it shows in this module.I guarantee you will learn something new in this session.But what does this have to do with the virus? Well, much as Session 1 prepares the ground for the rest of the course, Session 2 adds another layer based on: knowledge and skills to work in the Windows registry. This is the heart of Ken virus removal methodology.As you may or may not know, virtually all malware dig their claws into Windows through the registry, so you will probably find the traces left there if you know where to look. With this in mind, Ken is about to show you how to access, browse and edit the registry safely.It also goes into how to retrieve the record, how to access if Windows does not start, and how to edit the registry remotely without the need to directly access the user’s computer. Finally, he talks about how to protect and harden the registry to prevent future modifications of malicious programs.Session 3 will get to the meat of the course. That’s where Ken explains the virus cleanup plan methodology. He shows us his process for the first identification of the type of malicious software, or malware is still around, and the systematic approach to eliminate the threat.The process actually can be divided into three simple steps (although not a longer process to be followed at each step, of course). The first step is to remove any rogue software that could be actively involved computer. The second step is permanently delete all malicious running processes (which is where the record is knowledge). Finally, in the third step, check for rootkits that may have dug into the Windows kernel, which are less obvious and more difficult to remove.

After this process is the easiest before moving elements of the most difficult elements, making the effective process and addresses the most common questions quickly. The session also includes recommended software tools, some of whom had never heard of before.If that is in business to support personal computers, is likely to spend much of their time dealing with different types of malicious programs. This is also the area where many IT support organizations lose money or customers (or both) for their efforts to remove malicious software.The reality is that viruses, worms, Trojans, rootkits and thieves today are more sophisticated than ever. Most tools can often use the defenses of these criminals are off.As a result of this change of scenery, much of the support staff are in one of these positions:Not recognize the symptoms of infection by this malware
Assuming that a problem is caused by malware, when it is actually more benign
spending hours (or days) scans in progress with several anti-malware
They think they have removed the malware, only returned when the computer restarts
Reloading the system from scratch after their traditional approaches have failed
What you need now to address these threats is education, a methodology and a new set of software tools. You can start this process of free educational seminars per hour, advanced to remove viruses, which are regularly presented by Ken Dwight, Virus Doctor ™ techniques.

Unlike some free seminars he attended, this is not a ‘PitchFest’ but is loaded with valuable information that can be put to immediate use. Here are some of the topics covered:

What are the different types of malicious software? Because it is important?
How do you determine if a computer is infected?
What are the symptoms of a rootkit infection? – 3 telltale signs!
When System Restore is used?
What if the malware survives in safe mode?
What if you can not run Regedit? Task Manager? ¿Windows Update?
At the end of the seminar, there will be an offer that will give more detailed information on these issues and many others. But even if you do not attend the free webinar, you will be armed with new information that will help combat this powerful enemy.Alden Stenberg Bay Geeks, LLC, St. Petersburg, FL’I knew I had learned a lot, and I was not disappointed, but even better, I learned much more than I expected. Great knowledge, a great tool, and a great insight! I am very satisfied with the results. ‘Robert Yantis, R. D. Yantiss & Associates, Candler, NC’It was the best investment I made. The explanation on the disc really helped. Before leaving the ‘tools’ to eliminate things and do not know or pay attention to what they have come true. Now I’m chasing infections, and I know what I’m trying to change and why. ‘

Christopher Bartosz, Fox Valley Computer repair, Plano, IL… Your virus formation sanitation is part of the training to save the best, most useful and never received. This is the training I am able to play immediately and see where I will save countless hours in the future. ‘Tim Beard, IT support Tim, Tyler, TX’I have learned more about the virus removal within two days he had gained in the previous five years as the owner of a computer repair business. ‘Tom Wilmot, Wilmot Computer Solutions, West Dundee, IL’I really liked the class and I learned a lot. In fact, he gave the correct information in the record that I am able to solve some problems that had given up trying to repair and customize my installation (s) of Windows, so you could never do before. I have more than I thought, and thought I was going to get a lot. ‘