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What is the secret that makes the job a lot? The secret power that this form of treatment, late work, participation, INTELLECTUAL movement. Your mind is the core of the financial year, every company, without distractions, what is going on, relax, understand what is happening, observing, at the same time see how your body benefits from movement. For example, if I have exercise of the lungs, seems to use full and note the feelings in me wakes up, in addition to the perception of the lungs and breathing, and I have to go, I don’t see how the lungs expand and expand, and contract to fill my chest, and the power… at the same time, indirectly, that I am now working on the white part of my eyes… This work not only deals with the mental and physical energy you very good results, but in addition, it will give you practice a lot of fun and improve concentration, memory and attention, ability to remain calm, inform a sense of calm, time and time, once you have done this, the exercises of Chi Kung. Another great secrets of Chi Kung is harmony. Chi Kung is an ongoing, daily and without interruption, even if only twenty or thirty minutes, and every day is of great importance to improve the health. Where should I start? Start by choosing a form of Chi Kung, you want to learn. The information you provided, you can see the video on youtube, which gives you an indication of how the movements and help you choose. You will learn movements that you want to buy, courses and Chi Kung in the form of a book, DVD or lessons with a teacher. Instead of martial arts, several of these forms of Chi Kung can be learned on their own account, but it is still recommended, under the supervision of the teacher. Schedule about twenty or at least thirty minutes, preferably, to train early in the morning, you can practice even late. Before all the thoughts and silent for a moment, eyes closed, watching your breathing and your attention to four fingers below the navel. In practice, the highest concentration, to ensure that all that bothers you during the exercise.